The legal process involved in filing a petition for dissolution of marriage often seems complicated and confusing. Moreover, it will also create emotional turmoil for parents, children and even other family members. Amidst this transition, there are countless important decisions that are made involving living arrangements, finances, custody and dividing assets. The right attorney can help settle these important details and has the experience to see other potential issues you may not yet have considered.

Christopher D. Thomas Attorney at Law has extensive experience working with individuals and their families on divorce and other family law matters. His background practicing at the state and federal levels as well as military courts gives him a unique perspective many other courtroom lawyers do not have here in Hawaii. However, he is more than simply a litigator, having trained in such dispute resolution alternatives as mediation. He understands that each case is unique, and he is clear and forthright with clients to determine what works for them and best achieves their legal goals.

Important Issues To Consider In Divorce

Some important issues to consider when you sit down for a free consultation include the following:

  • Child custody: This is one of the most contentious of family law issues.
  • Parenting plans: This involves the day-to-day and holiday living arrangements for the children.
  • Child support: This is based on a formula involving income, number of children and other unique factors, but it also includes important issues such as health care, education and cost of other important activities.
  • Dividing assets: Equitable distribution of marital assets and debts does not necessarily mean 50-50, but we can help point out different unique factors to the courts to ensure the amount is fair.
  • Spousal support: This depends on number of factors, including the length of the marriage, age of the spouse, their health and their ability to support themselves.

Helping Your Family Move Forward

Mr. Thomas has almost two decades of family law experience here in Hawaii. He understands the courts here as well as how to get things done outside of court. He takes care of our clients as he aggressively works toward the best possible outcome in their case. While we are always available for consultation and go through the entire process at our clients' side, we find that objectivity while sorting through these issues can help clients move on in their lives without the battle scars some receive during their divorce process.

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