Child Custody And Parenting Plans

We believe that the well-being of the children is the most important issue to consider in any divorce. Sometimes parents lose sight of the fact that a contentious divorce can affect the relationships within the family and can even permanently scar them. Studies show that children benefit from an ongoing relationship with both parents; but determining that result is complex.

Based in Honolulu, Christopher D. Thomas Attorney at Law works with families here in Hawaii to draft effective, healthy and binding custody arrangements and parenting plans. We work with the other side whenever possible to create a constructive environment that addresses the best interests of the children while also being workable for the parents. However, we are always willing to go to court to protect the individual and parental rights of our clients when necessary. As needs and circumstances change, we can also create workable modifications to current plans.

What Is A Parenting Plan?

The court awards custody to either one or both parents according to the best interests of the child. Visitation (sometimes called "time-sharing") is determined by the respective schedules of the parents and how much "time" with the noncustodial parent is in the child's continued best interest. Parenting plans include day to day details of who picks up the child from school or even how the children are moved between residences, as well as where they spend holidays or summers. Military families will face unique parenting issues.

Where Does Joint Custody And Visitation Fit In?

Joint custody means equal obligation and rights, but the living arrangement may still favor a custodial parent for such reasons as proximity to their schools, the work schedule of the parents or other unique factors. Joint custody also means that parents will have equal say in important life decisions like education, religion, health care and other concerns. Other types of custody include split custody (where the siblings are split-up) and sole custody.

The Safety Of The Child

If there are issues of abuse, neglect, mental health or substance abuse, immediate steps are often necessary to protect the safety of your children. In such cases, it is important to have an experienced attorney who can immediately take action on your behalf to obtain necessary court orders.

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