Family Law

Family law includes a difficult and often tangled mix of emotions, legal issues and finances. The realization that a failed marriage can be a tremendous burden when it ends in divorce, yet some of the most difficult negotiations involve child custody and parenting plans. There are of course additional factors involving military divorce and the challenges of military families' lives, but we work with individuals and families from all backgrounds, military or civilian.

Located in Honolulu, but serving all of Hawaii, Christopher D. Thomas Attorney at Law understands that every case is unique. He is a lawyer who sits and listens to your issues and legal needs during our free consultation. He then constructs a plan to achieve or even exceed the original goals. We have extensive background in military court, but we also have more than 10 years practicing in the local court system and understand how things work. Mr. Thomas is an effective courtroom attorney who is always ready to litigate, yet it is our belief that alternate forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation, is great way to save money, move cases along quickly, and reduce the level of stress for the family.

Family Law Services We Provide

Our services encompass all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce: We strive to make this difficult process go as efficiently as possible.
  • Custody and visitation: We find binding solutions that prioritize the children but are workable for the parents.
  • Financial support: Hawaii uses a formula based on income, number of children and other unique factors for child support or alimony.
  • Asset division: While the division of marital assets and debts is equitable, we can argue that the judge consider the circumstances of the divorce in determining this.
  • Military divorce: There are specific rules that apply to military families that include timetables for deadlines, the legal process and the division of assets.
  • Alternate dispute resolution: This often lessens the impact of divorce and other matters and can provide a collaborative solution for moving forward as a family.
  • Remote representation: Oftentimes military or civilians are unable to themselves appear in court due to the challenges of the job or geography.
  • Protective orders: When protection and safety are a concern, we can assist.

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